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Perhaps you are looking for a simple quick way to prepare a Medical or Business Power of Attorney. Or, maybe a simple will.  Did you file for a Texas Corporation or Limited Liability Company, and then discover that you need Bylaws or an Operating Agreement to open a bank account? Every situation is different, and not everyone has the same needs.  That is why there is no substitution for having a skilled attorney assist you along the way.  These forms will provide the necessary basic information to initiate your request. 

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Virtual Law Office Page

What is a Virtual Law Office (or "VLO")? To remain competitive, and to to meet the needs of a modern world, Law Firms are quickly learning that clients in the digital age want to connect quickly and seamlessly with their legal counsel, the same as they engage in e-commerce.  This has created challenges to lawyers who want to remain competitive and  market to a younger generation, providing services that traditionally were available only through face-to-face meetings with a lawyer.  While not every service is conducive to a VLO practice, the preparation of basic forms can be a good example of what a VLO can effectively offer.  Michael S. Newman has been practicing for over 30 years, and still meets with clients at his Law Office.  This VLO Page is being offered to meet this growing trend;  but rest assured, a traditional appointment is just a phone call away!